Tuesday, February 28, 2006


CLICK ON PRESENTER'S NAME TO VIEW BIO Dr. Malidoma Patrice Some´, Author, Of Water & the Spirit Ra Un Nefer Amen, Founder, Ausar Auset Society Iyalorisa Oseye Mchawi, Yoruba Priestess, Omo Obatala Egbe Dr. K. Bunseki Fu-Kiau, Congolese Scholar In Residence, Ife Tayo Cultural Center Sangoma Sibongile Nene, Zulu Priestess, Sangoma African Spirituality Source Yirser Ra Hotep, YogaSkills & Institute of Kemetic Yoga James Small, Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations Dr. Sunyatta Amen, Womb Yoga / Belly Dance Expert, Host, Bush Medicine, Pacifica Radio-DC, Veg Soul Nana Camille Yarbrough, Author, Ancestor House Amensa Shep Teker, Iron Crotch Qi Gung Master, Veg Soul Kamau Kokayi, M.D., Host, WBAI, Global Medicine Review
Co-Sponsors: Harlem Village, TC African Studies Working Group, Ausar Auset Society, Onipa-Abusia, Omo Obatala Egbe, Dinizulu, Institute, House of Ngolo, Veg Soul, Dagara East Coast Village, TC Film & Education Research Academy, Katilaonta
Friday, April 21st thru Sunday, April 23rdTeachers College, Columbia University, 525 West 120th Street (between Amsterdam & Broadway)
Three Day SymposiumIndigenous African Ways of KnowingCommonalities and Distinctions Among West African TraditionsHealing, Medicine, and Indigenous African WisdomLegitimacy: Breaking Down Barriers of Ignorance, Shame, Prejudice and Fear Indigenous African Spirituality in the K-12 CurriculumSustaining Strong Families in Modern Society: Polygamy, Monogamy, Arranged MarriagesRitual Intimacy in Indigenous TraditionsDistinctions in African and African-American Female RolesRitual, Divination, and Day to Day PracticeAfrican Art, Drum and Dance as Spiritual PracticeImplications of Daily Diet: Carnivorous or Vegetarian?The Infusion of African Spirituality into World Religions The Egyptian Legacy in World Religious TraditionsProgram for Young People: Creating Ritual
FOR EXHIBITOR AND REGISTRATION INFORMATIONCALL 718-796-4143 OR info@africanspirituality.org


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